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The purpose of our Puppy Buyer Questionnaire is to gain an indepth insight to our prospective puppy families.  The first step is to approve you as a new puppy family.  The second step is, as a breeder, we do everything in our power to make sure our puppies and our puppy families are the best possible match for each other.  We spend 8 plus weeks getting to know our puppies are the best judges of their unique individualism.  We want and need to get to know you too!  This questionnaire is typically our initial conversation in learning about you.  Thank you for your time  patience.

We have begun working on a new website and the Puppy Inquiry Questionnaire can be found there. 

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Since most veterinarian practices require your permission in order to release any information, please call your veterinarian practice ahead of time so we can complete your reference check in a timely manner.

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